Sunday, July 1, 2012

Challenge Day 8: Black and White nails

Hello Ladies! I have moved from the rainbow favorites week into the normal 31 day nail art challenge! Today is the black and white challenge. I was dreading this to begin with, I could not think of anything. But I randomly saw a sidepost on a blog that I read, I wish I could remember which one, that showed someone who did a mani similar to my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers (if not exact, if that was your blog, please let me know so I can give proper credit!) and then for my other two fingers I got inspiration from this post on pinterest and I wanted to recreate that look. My first attempt failed. My nails are just too small for that. so then I decided on this. 

I have no idea why I look so red, so just ignore that and the straggly nail polish on my cuticle. But here it is! I loved this so much I did not want to take it off!

For the base on my ring, pointer, and part of my thumb and pinky I used Wet N Wild Megalast Break the Ice and on the rest of my fingers is Wet N Wild Ebony Hates Chris (fun fact: every time I type Ebony Hates Chris I usually type "Christ" eek!! Learn to type Robyn!) and then I applied the Rhinestones to my pinky, thumb and middle fingers. To make the rhinestones on my ring and pointer finger black I just painted over the rhinestones with my black. You can see where I nicked it onto the white on this photo, I went and fixed it on the photo above, but I forgot to check for it on this picture.

I really love the far away shot, despite my ring being crooked (it's always fact it is right I think that this would look even more fantastic on longer nails, but I had to trim my nails down to super nubbins due to an unfortunate accident with a utility knife at work. I had accidentally cut my thumb from the base of my actual finger all the way up, through my nail (but not into the skin beneath, explain that one..), leaving my nail pretty much split in two. So I've had to keep my thumb super short so that I did not rip it in half or off completely. It was really annoying. But they are finally grown out so now I don't have to cut my nails again unless one of them breaks, which inevitably it does.

What do you think? would you rock this look? Have you ever done anything traumatic to your nails like I did?

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