Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Challenge day 26: Inspired by Fashion!!

Hello Friends!!!! Today I have for you a Betsey Johnson inspired nail look. As many of you may have heard, Betsey Johnson has gone out of business, which makes me sad because I never could buy any of the clothes because they are too small to fit my body!! But I love the way they look and this dress is right up my alley. So, I did nail art to (kinda) match!!

Here is the dress:

I linked to this above, but it just takes you to pinterest, where I found the image. Does anyone read these?

Isn't it adorable? I want it sooooo bad. And Here is my mani!

Yaggghhh! It's so cute!!! I wish I would have put the actual bow up a little bit higher, but still...super cute!!!

For my base I used Nicole by OPI Paparazzi Don't Preach and Orly Nite Owl in a ruffle mani (pics down below) I almost died just at that part. With a little more practice it would have been perfect! I wish I had a lighter shade of tan or a nude to make the dots to recreate the colors from the dress more, but this works out too.

After that was dry I used CND Guava to create a bow across my fingers and then outlined it in an Orly instant artist striper brush (btw did you know that these are just paint? waste o' money, good thing I got it free). Finally added Seche Vite.

Here is the ruffle mani without the bows. I like this better, but both looks are super cute.

Here it is in the shade. 

18 more challenges left!!! I better get going! lol.

Do you like to wear ruffle manis? the last one I tried was horrible.... Inky Whiskers said on one of my blog posts that she tried to do a scallop mani and it didn't work out for her. Dotting in a straight line on a curved "canvas" is difficult. I find myself wanting to follow the shape of my nail, or avoiding my cuticle.


  1. Bravo!!! You dotted in a straight line! Good job on the ribbon & bow too.

    1. semi straight! lol. I had bald spots too. practice makes perfect! and thank you!

  2. This is so cute, Robyn! Nice job! Betsy Johnson has always been a little too frou-frouy or something for my tastes, but that dress is very pretty, and it
    s a bummer she went out of business. I didn't know that. :/

    1. It is a bummer. Oh well, I never wear fancy clothes anyway, if I'm not in work clothes I'm in pajamas. lol. Even when I go to classes! Yay pajamas!


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