Thursday, July 12, 2012

31 Days of Nail art challenge: RAINBOW DOTS OF DOOM!!!

Hello my dear friends. If you are on the PAA Facebook group page (which I suspect most of you are and if you aren't then yay!!!), you have already seen this mani!!! I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today because I'm watching old episodes of Stormchasers on netflix and finishing crocheting a purse. If you want me to post pictures of my purse when it's done let me know!

Dotty goodness. My base is Sinful Colors What's your name? and I used Milani White On The Spot to dot rows in a diagonal manner.

Over the top of the dots I used China Glaze Surfin' for boys,Orange you hot?, Celtic Sun, which for some reason doesn't show up, and Surfin' for Boys Super glows...I don't get it lol. Next is China Glaze In the Limelight, Splish Splash, and finally Sinful Colors Dream on. I loved this and I think I wore it for 3 days. Which is unheard of for me.

This was before I changed my nail shape I think. I apologize for the ugly cuticle mess. Black is hard to get off and my brush is terrible.

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Love this!! Did you paint the colors on the dots with a stripe, or did you dot over the white dots? Lol sorry if I just really confused you.. ill explain better if you're totallly lost.

    1. Omgosh sorry I did not respond sooner, I discontinued this I dotted over the white dots with the neons!


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