Monday, July 2, 2012

Challenge Day 9: Metallic nail fail

Hello Ladies, I'm just gonna say this: I am not feeling the whole metallic nails thing, and I hated this mani. But it's too late to go back and I don't feel like doing this again. Ha! So on to the mani!

"That doesn't look very metallic, Robyn" You're right. It doesn't in these pics. It looked more metallic in real life, and honestly I should have left the crackle off. I was going for a look I saw on a Sephora pinterest video about the Betsey Johnson nail polish collection and It would have worked if my nails were longer...and pointier...I wish I could find that video. 

I thought I had more photos of this, but I guess not. Anywho, I used Wet N Wild Precious Petals on my thumb and Pinky, Penny For Your Toughts on my pointer and thumb and Got a New Com-pewter (I dont understand how computers or the word pewter fit in with this vivid green...) on my middle finger. All of those wet n wild polishes are from the new chrome collection. Then I sponged NYC Tribeca Silver on the tips and followed up with Sally Hansen Ink Splatter  for the crackle. The pink nail in real life was really pretty. Everything else...blealksdjfglhru.

The Wet N Wild Chrome collection I bought at wal-greens, and I wish I wouldn't have. I only bought these three colors but I will probably never wear them. They are too expensive for a drug store polish that size. The application was great. I only needed 1 coat. They stamp okay too. Nothing spectacular as they are slightly see through when stamped. It's similar to stamping with Orly Luxe if you own that polish. I really wanted the Wet N Wild stars and stripes collection, but we never got it here.

What is your worst fail art? This isn't my worst, but I'm not liking it. I should have just stuck with the pink and silver and do an Effie Trinket kind of manicure.

On a side note, I keep trying to type every word with the first letter capitalized. lol.

I Hope you all have a good day! (It's bedtime for this bozo).


  1. One of my worst nail fails is the mani I'm wearing right now. I tried to do scallop rows w/a dotting tool & discovered I couldn't dot a straight line to save my life. LOL I used 2 China Glaze neon pinks & a Wet N' Wild magenta. I didn't feel like taking it all off & starting over so I slapped a layer of Sephora by OPI Blasted Black crack over the mess, added Seche Vite top coat & called it tolerable. I've found that crack polish can hide a wealth of nail fail sins.

    1. I can't dot in a straight line either!!!!!! That sounded like it would have been cute!


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