Sunday, July 8, 2012

Challenge day 20 addendum.

Ok. That was rude. I apologize to you fine ladies for my rudeness, but still! First I will tell you the polishes I used: Essie Mojito Madness  and OPI Siberian Nights. All fine and dandy. The first nail I did was my ring finger. I'll post another pic here so you don't have to revert back to my other post.

Ignore the black outlines for now. So I figured that that did not work so well because I didnt have enough purple, so each time I did a bullseye after this I added two drops of Siberian Nights to every Mojito Madness (Sounds like a fun night in Siberia to me). Ok. I enjoyed the psychedelic kind of flower patter on my middle finger, and the pattern on my pointer is also nice. I had an issue taping my nails this time. I taped too close to the actual nail, and the white of my base color was visible. So I thought "add an outline! it'll be somewhat on trend AND it will cover your mistakes" wrong. I ended up with this jumbled mess. FKLDSFKJG. So. I then decided to do some stamping using RA 107 using the same colors and using the same outline technique thinger.

I did have some frustration with the water marbling aspect of this mani, but the problem was with the outlining. It was imposible to clean up...agh. Stupid orly striper.

What are your thoughts on water marbling?

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  1. I have yet to make this technique work for me. LOL I don't know if it was the water or the room temp or my speed or what. All I know is that the polish dried before I could add all the rings & then stuck together when I tried to make a pattern. I've done marbling for years with shaving cream, dye ink refills & paper just fine. The nail art version still boggles my mind. I think using the right tools & lots of practice is all that stands between my nails & a cool mani.

    Keep trying!


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