Friday, July 6, 2012

Julep Kate and Mila and Glitter challenge day!

I've made a decision my fine ladies. I'm still going to do the 31 days of a nail art challenge. But at my own pace and in the wrong order. Yes. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!?!?! I get to a day in my photos and I say wtf I don't want to do gradient nails today I want to do glitter! (OK that one doesn't happen, despite all the pics of glitter that I have up right now, I don't care for it. But you get the point). Then I sulk for 4 hours and by then it's too late for me to actually do a mani that is worthwhile. So I'm gonna do it when I feel like it. lol. I know that isn't the way it's supposed to go, but with my health and energy levels being up and down I just can't guarantee anything at this point. It will get better and it can always be worse!!!


This is how we will keep track! And onto the mani!

I know what you're thinking "Is that toilet cleaner in the corner?" yes it is. I had to take these pics in my bathroom because I normally take my photos outside on my neighbors side of the porch, and they were outside ALL FREAKING DAY the day I was taking these pics. They already think I am weird, and I did not want to add to it.

I also know what you're thinking again "God Robyn, learn to clean up your cuticles before you take photos" You are only partially correct. I tried. Oh Lordy I tried. More on that in a bit.

Ok, so on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers is Julep Kate. Julep calls it a "Soft White Pearl" ehhhhhh. It's white. Not soft. Pearl-y.....if you stare really close in very direct sunlight. It's not what I was expecting at all. Color me disappointed.

On my Thumb and ring finger is Mila. It's kinda pretty...Idk. Not so much into the multicolored glitter really. I have a few. Rarely wear them.Julep Calls it: "Charcoal, multi-colored glitter" anyone's actually charcoal? Mine is in a clear base. Did I get the wrong color labeled Mila?

Ok let's talk about application and removal. Application of Mila was fine, the pics above are 2 coats over Kate. Mostly opaque. That is FOUR coats of Kate. FOUR. and it was STILL streaky. Ugh. And taking Kate off was like taking a glitter off. It's a freaking regular polish and I had to scrub vigorously to get one layer off. It was easier to get Mila off, in fact when I was removing those nails I had used the foil method and It took all the glitter off and left Kate. But, I still could not get Mila off of my skin, hence the glitter left around my cuticle. There also was no way a q tip was going to remove Kate.

Overall, disappointed with these two colors. Luckily I did not pay full price for them because of the Julep Maven program.

Did you get these colors? Do I have extremely defective bottles? Should I continue with the Julep Maven program? Idk. I'm disappointed.


  1. My neighbors ALWAYS look at me funny when I take pics on my porch! Kate and Mila look amazing on you though!

    1. Thank you! Despite the streaky-ness I was enjoying the white on my nails. Unfortunately our side of the porch (we live in a converted house with a wrap around porch) gets zero sun, so I invade their space. Tee hee.


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