Thursday, July 5, 2012

Julep Maven Box unboxing

Hello Lovelies! I recieved my second Julep Maven box and I wanted to share with you my experience with getting a real box this month instead of the intro box. Well, it's basically the same! Only this time I got candy! Yay candy!

My polish came in this lovely tissue paper with silver stars (which sparked mani ideas of course) and a cute ribbon that I tied around my ponytail for Fourth of July! Yay recycling!!! It had a card in there that said something about it's your time to sparkle...blah blah. Who cares give me the polish!!!! (is this rude? oh well that's what I was thinking).

A mani idea....yeeaaahhhh...I'll get right on this one. Btw. The color swatch on their promo stuff=way wrong!
plus behind there is a voucher for a free polish. What is a good color for me to get?!?
This is a box it came in. I use these boxes to stamp on. It came with cute red, white, and blue shredded paper crap in it though. Blah blah WHERE'S MY EFFING POLISH?!?!

Bubble wrap.

From L-R: Julep Daphne, Mila, Kate, and America

YAY THE POLISH! *hugs and hugs and hugs* (that's not weird is it?) 

I don't know why Daphne looks like it has a shimmer...or a smudge..I think the label wasn't put on correctly. Despite the promo pictures that is a more accurate representation of that color. Midtone dusty teal. I haven't worn this color as a mani yet, but it was opaque in a thickish coat on a nail wheel!

Mila is exactly as they describe it, a multicolored glitter. The glitters in it are small and slightly more muted than your average multi-colored glitter. Went on regularly and takes 2 coats to become opaque. (Swatches to come later)

Kate. Ah Kate. Typical streaky white. The shimmer was barely visible on the nail, and after 4 coats it was still streaky. Strangely terrible to remove too. Mila was easier to remove....explain that.

America is really neat. The stars are kind of hard to get out of the bottle and I think there are two sizes of blue glitter. The red glitter in it reminds me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps and it also has silver glitter. Let's put some more glitter in that shall we?

I've heard some issues in the facebook group Polish-aholics Anonymous that people aren't getting the correct polish and one lady said that her America did not contain any stars whatsoever. Did you have any problems with your box?

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