Saturday, July 14, 2012

Challenge Day 17: Stripes!!

Hi laaaaaaaddiiieeees. Today is stripey day! yay! Or not. lol. I don't care for stripes so much so I just did a quickie mani with colors that I lurve. Way back when the Zoya Beach and Surf collection came out I saw this post by The Nail Network and I love those colors together. Soooo instead of water marbling I used them for stripeys! But first: bottle spam! yay! I missed these. Also note: the colors on these pics are wrong...they aren't nearly as bright as my fiances camera made them out to be.

From left to right: Zoya Lara, Tracie, Wednesday, and Essie Fear or Desire, which obviously isn't Zoya Arizona but I don't have that and from what I saw in Ulta they were the same so I didn't need both. Has anyone seen a comparison? Do I still NEED Arizona? 

I did stripeys on the two accent fingers and used Tracie on the other fingers.

I don't know what that weird dent is on my ring finger, and I could have used a third coat, but I was already hating this look so I didn't want to spend anymore time than I had to.

Honestly, I thought this challenge would be fun...but I'm turning out to hate most of the things I come up with. Makes me sad face. Does this happen to you?

Have a great weekend!!!

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