Monday, July 16, 2012

EGADS! Zoya Bottle Spam


Hi ladies. My fiance needs his phone today so I was left without! So I used my really old phone to take some pics of my bottles of polish to show you! My neighbors are home today so I had to use my bathroom again. Here goes:

From Bottom left to top: Kelly, Jules, Zuza, and Wednesday. My favorite out of this bunch is Zuza. My least favorite is Jules, I still don't know why I bought that. Maybe it was on clearance. It was one of my first Zoyas.

The pinks! From top to bottom: Chloe, Kissy, Kimber, Lara, and Lo. I hated Lo when I first got it. It was the first time I ordered off the Zoya website, but I absolutely loooove it now. Put Chloe on top and you have candy on your nails. My least favorite is Kissy. It was a huge lemming for me for a long time, but it dries funny and I don't really care for glitter so much. Maybe I'll love it some other day, because it is a cool polish.

From L-R: Dree, Ivanka, Charla, and Tracie. My favorite of this bunch is Charla. Least favorite is Tracie. I bought Tracie because when my man was looking at swatches when the Beach and Surf collections released, that was the one he loved. It's too brush strokey to me.

And finally, from L-R: Julianne, Danii, Myrta and Paz. Honestly, the only one of these I've actually worn is Paz. So can't provide opinions on these. Paz is really thick though.

That's it! That is all my Zoyas. I'll probably buy a couple from the fall collections. What are staple Zoyas that I don't have? What are your favorite Zoyas? What are your least favorite?

I'm off to eat Hamburger Helper without the hamburger and head to bed!! Good night all!

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