Friday, June 22, 2012

Tribal Nails

Hi Guys! Have you ever hated a trend, or a color, or a finish (etc.) with such a passion that you cringe every time you look at it? Apart from duck feet nails, which will forever be in my "do no execute" file in my brain's filing cabinet,

I usuallly end up loving them later. For example, when I bought Zoya Lo I despised it. Now it's one of my favorite colors! That is how I felt about tribal nails. I thought they looked gaudy and I would never take the time to draw out those lines. Well folks, here I am showing you tribal nails because I've been obsessed with them for the last week!

Aren't they cute?! Not the greatest execution of them, because frankly I haven't gotten the practice in, but still. I can't stop staring at my nails!
For the base I started out with Orly Faint of Heart from the Cool Romance Collection. Then for the lines of color I used China Glaze Aquadelic, Sweet Hook, and Kinetic Candy from the Electropop Collection, and a Color club I got for 99 cents at Walgreen's that I believe is called She's sooo Glam but it did not have a sticker so I can't be completely positive. I used Milani White on the Spot and an Orly black striper for the lines and dots.

How do you feel about tribal nails? Have you done them? Let me see!! I'm really happy about these and the lady who worked at my local Beauty Brands would not stop talking about them! Hope everyone has a great friday!

*I have done some minor editing to these photos. Besides adding in watermarks, I fixed bits of cuticle in order to make the focus on the nail art and not on my work-destroyed cuticles. All nail art though was left completely intact.

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