Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Challenge Day 4: Use protection from Tears on your mermaid's tale?

Hello Ladies! Green!!!!! EXCITED!!!!! I love green nail polish. Yesterday after that horrible yellow polish debacle I immediately changed my nails to the polish I'm about to show you! I even painted it on both hands! But first! Bottle spam of joy and loveliness! Read more after the break!

 I don't think that is even half of the greens that I own! I can think of so many more that I should have put in there. These are the ones that I picked as my favorite greens. Yes, I was debating that much that I just grabbed all of the ones that I love.

In the photo above are: Essie Armed and Ready, Essie Mojito Madness, Sinful Colors Olympia, China Glaze Agro, OPI Mermaid's Tears, Orly Mermaid Tale, Savina Blue for You (it's definitely more green than this, and dries matte) China Glaze Holly-Day, Zoya Wednesday (I consider it green), and Sinful Colors Innocent (One-coater!!)

Above is my mani! I'm holding my absolute favorite green OPI Mermaid's Tears from the On Stranger Tides Collection. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I told my fiance once that if someone ever asks me what my favorite color is, I would respond with "Mermaid's Tears".

Over this, to about halfway down the nail is Spoild by Wet N Wild Use Protection. The name makes me giggle. Not going to lie. I think Sinful Colors makes a dupe of this. I've worn this mani once before and these two times are the only times I have ever worn that polish.

Finally, I added a coat of Orly Mermaid Tale from the Flash Glam FX collection. Holographic-y goodness.

I just liked this picture for some reason. Uhhhh this color! Everytime it gets me. Every time.

Blurred to show the color change in the glitter. It's so pretty.

Now, these are the pictures of my top 3 favorite greens.

 OPI Mermaid's Tears, China Glaze Agro (that name kills me though. When I see the word agro, I think of aggro in video games...and I want to write another "g" on the label.) from the Colors from the Capitol Collection, and Essie Mojito Madness from the Bikini so Teeny Collection

And to send things off in a cheerful way, here's a picture of my adorable dachshund, Angel

She say: "Ohh I soooo tired"

Once again! Don't forget to check out the other lovelies who participated and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for blue!

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  1. Love your mani and your subsequent reactions to it. That's SO how it is sometimes. Cuuute little doggie, too! <3

    1. Shes the cutest thing evvveer! I'm awed by her cuteness everyday!

  2. Awesome! Love how you threw in the other bottles so we can see!

  3. Wow, this is really pretty! So funny about your favorite color being 'Mermaid's Tears'!!

    1. I want to have a house painted completely in this color. How cool would it be to have a mermaids tears colored bathtub? That is my new life lemming.


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