Monday, June 25, 2012

Challenge Day 2: A fail already?!?!

Hi ladies! As I said in my last post, (which I apologize for the lack of cleanup, I hadn't noticed the smudges and white-ness around the cuticle until after the photos were on my computer otherwise I would have fixed that) I have been ill the past few days and today I was really not up for actually painting my nails orange. So instead, I will bombard you with bottle spam!

 As I have said before. I have a problem with color obsession. I become obsessed with a color, and I need every polish I can find that is that color. Ok that's an exaggeration, but still. I have quite a few oranges.

From the top it's China Glaze Riveting, Sinful Colors Cloud 9, China Glaze Orange You Hot?, Hits Demeter, OPI Chop-sticking to my story, Zoya Paz, Zoya Myrta, Essie Action, Essie Bazooka, Orly Crush on you, Essie Orange, it's Obvious!, and Essie Fear or Desire.

These are my top three! Essie Fear or Desire?  from the Bikini So Teeny Collection, China Glaze Riveting  from the Colors from the Capital collection (a.k.a Hunger Games Collection) and finally Essie  Orange, it's Obvious!  from the Navigate Her Collection

I call this a fail for two reasons: 1) because I did not actually paint my nails orange and 2) because there is no nail art. But this is what you get! Sorry! Hopefully I will feel well enough to paint my nails tomorrow.

How many oranges do you own? What is your favorite?

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling well. I would've voted for Riveting. :) And no nail art is not a fail in this challenge, lol. Art is optional! That's one of the reasons I'm participating. ;)

    1. I'm trying to do the 31 day nail art challenge too lol.

  2. Love all the bottles! I do the same thing with colors. I get fixated on one and must own them all. Currently it's aqua/teals/turquoises. Prior to that it was gray.

    1. I think I have like 10 bottles of a similar shade of aqua. I was obsessed with the combination of orange and turquoise for a while!

  3. No fail - I love seeing comparisons of different polishes. Keep it up and feel better soon!


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