Thursday, June 28, 2012

Episode 5: Return of the..Yellow?

Hiya ladies! Today is blue day, but I'm not feeling blue. Annoyed maybe...but that is because of the lingering pain in my stomach and other real world problems, but you don't care about that! Only two days remain of Lacquer Dream's Rainbow themed week of favorites. Today I'm going to spam you with blue bottles! yay!

Army of blue! Looks so peaceful. Blue is very calming for me. I have so many bottles (this barely dents my blue collection) but I rarely wear them. Do you have any like this?

In this photo is Essie Bikini So Teeny, Essie Bobbing for Baubles (looks great with Fingerpaints Motley fyi), Deborah Lippman Let's hear it for the boy, Sinful Colors Cinderella, Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams, Julep Jessica, China Glaze Kinetic Candy, and China Glaze Aquadelic (try mattifying this! is GORGEOUS).

and my Mani after the break!!

 WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!? Is that Fingerpaints Lemon Sour? Why yes. It is and I love this. I know what you're thinking...I decided not to burn it, and it is gracing my nails today.

Here I have a gradient of Essie Bikini So Teeny from the Collection of the same name and Fingerpaints Lemon Sour from the Gumdrops and Lollipops Collection

I would have liked this to be more blue, since the color of the day is blue, and I love Bikini So Teeny, but this is how it worked out. Love it nonetheless. Baby blues and lavenders make me look super tan.

and as a bonus:
Those are all the bottles I pulled for the group bottle shot. I had to leave some of them out in order to get all them to fit in the frame for the army of blue bottles. I really like blue.

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Tomorrow is purple!!!!!!!


  1. Yay! So glad you didn't burn Lemon Sour. ;) This looks great, cheerful and peaceful at the same time. Feel better. <3

    1. I feel like I'm constantly battling health issues. Lol. Thank you for the well wishes.
      Lemon sour lives another day!!!!

  2. Fun gradient! I don't know what it is about summer, but it makes me want to wear gradients every day :)

    1. Also IDK if it's intentional or not, but you have captchas required to post comments on your blogs posts - just thought I'd let you know!

    2. It is not intentional. It's probably something to do with blogger. Every time I comment on someone else's blog it makes me do that. I'll look into it though. And I hear you on the gradient thing. I was thinking about tomorrows post and I keep telling myself not do to a gradient.

  3. You cheater! ROFL ;) Just kidding :) Love the gradient!

    1. I seriously looked at my photos after I was done and just laughed at myself. Its amazing how my mood with polishes changes each day. Lol


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