Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick This is halloween Watermarble

Sorry this is so late folks, I've been having a weird bought of anxiety the past few days and I am in some serious pain. Also, I'm still getting used to the amount of cleanup needed for my new camera, so things aren't as pretty as I'd hoped. Now, if you remember my last attempt at water marbling you know's not really my forte. I actually did two marbles, one fantastic, one horrible. The fantastic one...looked like christmas. So I will show you that around christmas time!!

Here are the prompts for the challenge

Ugh. Horrible. You only get one photo because its so god awful. As a base I used Wet N Wild Nerd Alert: Screech, Two coats. Then I taped off my fingers and used Sinful Colors Inkwell, Wet N Wild Straight A Jesse, and Nerd Alert: Screech, to create a typical flower pattern in the water. After all that was said and done, I couldn't leave it alone. So I stamped using Wet N Wild Black Creme and Cheeky Plate CH32. The monsters are cute! I loved this mani in real life, but it isn't very photogenic. I should have used a different orange, because it wasn't quite opaque enough and the green showed through.

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