Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Picks from the Wet N Wild Pick Your Poison Collection

Hello Friends! Today I have the polishes I picked up from Walgreen's the other day from the new Wet N Wild Megalast Pick your Poison collection. I did not pick up the charcoal grey (it reminded me of Essie Over the Edge which I never use. lol..) or the bright blue (I have an NYC that is pretty similar). All of these are 2 coats with topcoat, I did however take the photos for Toxic Apple on a different day, so my nails look different.  

Nail Wheel Swatches

 Deadly Dose Direct sun, sorry about the shadow, best pic I had for the sun photos.

Deadly Dose a warm, yellow gold color. I bought this one purely because I do not have a gold this color. It's okay...not fantastic. Very streaky...Sparkly in the sun though. Formula is ok.

 I must have taken these before I squared off my nails...that angle looks Direct Sunlight
Lethal Injection Shade
Lethal injection is a red based purple, or a deep purple-y red. It's not quite purple...and it's not quite red. Strange color. Once again, twinkly in the sun...streaky in the shade. Still pretty either way.

Toxic Apple  Direct sun

Toxic Apple Shade

Toxic Apple is one of my two favorites in the collection. It's a dark blurple, and in the sun it twinkles with blue and pink sparkles. It's beatiful. In the shade it's not as streaky as the others, and it really is very beautiful.

 Poison Ivy Shade, Note, that is NOT poison ivy that I am holding. lol.
Poison Ivy Direct sun

Poison Ivy is my hands down favorite of this collection. The base is a blackened green color with brighter green shimmer. The sun pic reminds me of The Matrix. I don't know why. This polish is beautiful. I did, however, experience some cuticle drag, that you can see on my middle finger. It's ok though, beautiful polish wins out over minor inconveniences.

What I liked: Pretty colors. I don't have anything like the ones I picked. Very twinkly in sun light. I'm a sucker for a good shimmer.

What I didn't like: Ugh that horrible brush on the megalast line...ugh...its awful. I find myself having to paint very very slow in order to not just paint my whole hand that color. lol.

Overall: I liked these. They aren't WOW outstanding, but I'm not sad I bought them.

My picks: Toxic Apple and Poison Ivy

Did you pick any up?

Note: I bought these with my own money, they were $1.99 Each at walgreens, no one is forcing me to write this post.


  1. I so agree about Toxic Apple and Poison Ivy! Those are my favorites, too. I totally sat on my hands too long with this collection and missed out on Poison Ivy, though, and I drove all. over. town. looking for Toxic Apple. But, after seven stores and a freeway jam, I finally got it, lol. It is truly special. ;)

    1. I seriously stalked my walgreens forever trying to find them. I was worried we wouldn't get them. We never git the wnw dupes for the cg prismatic collex, we never get the super cool stuff here. And no rite aid in sight :(

  2. Toxic Apple is amazing. I love purples so that's my favorite. Poison Ivy is also really nice--but I've gotten poison ivy for real and that's not fun. :) I haven't seen these anywhere I've shopped!


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