Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween nail art spam

Hello friends!! Today I have for you a random sampling of some halloween themed nail art that I have done in the past two weeks. Some of these are pretty effed up. Lol. I just wanna share them, good, bad or otherwise. Here we go!!

This is one of my favorites. I did not realize it was chipped until I was editing these photos. Whoops!  For a base I used L'oreal Park Avenue Luncheon (2 coats) then I used a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Glass slipper, followed by a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-dri Beige Blast. Not satisfied with Glass slipper, I added a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength White Veil, and A coat of Jordana Bronze Fest, and finally a coat of Beige Blast again. It reminds me of fall!!!

 The next day I added some stamps! I stamped using BM 13 from the first Bundle Monster Set. For the polishes I used OPI Chop Sticking to my Story for the webs, and Wet N Wild Black Creme for the spidies. SPIDIES!!! squee.

My camera is making these look different, but this is my orange ombre! Yay! From thumb to pinkie I have OPI Chopsticking to my story, Sinful Colors Citrine, Essie Orange, it's obvious!, Essie Fear or Desire, finally Essie Action. I must have been on an Essie kick when I bought all those oranges. That and orange was popular this spring.

Halloween tribal!! Yay!! Actually this looked way worse in real life. It looks bad here...but it looked worse...For the base I used Essie Fear or desire? The green is OPI Hot Fun in the Summer-lime, the purple is just a purple from one of those sets you get at Burlington Coat Factory, the yellow is Sally Hansen Insta-dri Express-so Yellow and the White is Milani White on the spot. The black lines are just acrylic paint.

This one is from a tutorial! This one from ArcadiaNailArt. I used L'oreal The Mystic's Fortune as my base, and then used Sinful Colors Happy Ending for the slime. The glitter is Orly Spazmatic and Can't Be Tamed/ The rest of the "art" is paint. I can't paint small details to save my life. The following picture is my left hand doing the same design.

This was too funny not to share. Are those supposed to be spiders?! they look like blobs, or some sort of pictoral representation of germs. This is too funny. The blue is actually the paint from my paint brush handle coming off onto my hand. Ugh. lol.

Did you do anything fun for halloween nail art?

Thanks for reading! I appreciate all of you.

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  1. Those are some FUN manis!
    Right now I'm sporting mummy's w/googly eyes. I have a pic on my blog.
    As for quality? That's what practice is for! All those fantabulous nail art bloggers weren't born that way, they just kept doing their nails & learning things that would make their art better. We can do the same & someday we might have 1000's of followers too.


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