Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'm Depressed!! 31dnac

Hello Friends. If you're in the PAA Facebook group you may already know this. But I spent the vast majority of November knee deep in polish making 31 sets of 5 false nails to do my SECOND attempt at the 31 days of nail art challenge. Every set was not only the theme from the challenge, but also Christmas themed. Well long story short, the glue I used to put the false nails on sticks so I could paint them more easily was too strong, and I can't get them off the stick. I tried acetone, but I'm afraid of melting the nail also. At this point I have 25 sets done and I was about to do day 26 today but I don't know at this point. I'm gonna try and salvage as many as I can. I completely ruined the red nails (which is fine, it was just a ruffian with OPI Goldeneye and The Spy Who Loved Me,which I can recreate if anyone wants me to), but I did manage to save the orange nails, and I ruined some of the yellow nails, which were ugly anyway. I stopped there. I may end up just showing them on the sticks in some sort of pretty way. I haven't decided. Would you guys be okay with that? I spent a lot of time on these and I don't want to just throw them away.

So instead of any Christmas themed nail art, today I will show you a crappy swatch of China Glaze Bend Over Backwards  from the Cirque de Solei collection. It's still red!!!

Why yes, that is upside down. It's kinda trippy...made me laugh anyway.

Macro shot of the beautiful shimmer in this polish that my regular swatches didn't capture.

Why yes, that is polish on my cuticle. This is me caring about it. -_-

 I HATE this polish in the lighting of my house. The light in my house is VERY yellow. But looking at this in white light and outdoors it is very pretty. This is two coats I believe.

Sorry if I seemed down, or short, but it's very disappointing to me right now.

Anything like this ever happen to you?

Have a happy 1st of December!

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