Thursday, November 29, 2012

LynBDesigns: Swatch a thon

Hello Friends! Today I am bringing you swatches of these amaaazing polishes from LynBDesigns. of these is now in my top ten. They're awesome. Anyway!!! I have to say ahead of time...but I've been testing out different places to photograph because of the weather. It's been really cloudy all month which does not help with lighting. That and it is cold. I don't like cold. So some of these are taken in my bathroom straddling my bathtub and holding the shade back so I can get some sun, and some of them are taken in my shoddy light box with a crappy light (I asked for a better lamp for christmas so hopefully that will be remedied soon). All of these are over a glue basecoat, and Zero is over a white glue base coat (will explain later) and I had to blur out some bits (sometimes very obviously) I am telling you this now, so that if you are anti-photoshop then you can click out now. No hate. I honestly didn't see any of the stupid in real life. I was swatching and doing another project at the same time so I probably missed it. I want to show you these, even if they aren't the greatest swatches, because damnit, they're awesome and I can't wait any more.

TLDR onto the swatches!

First off is LynBDesigns Weeping Angel I believe this is 3 coats, but it may be four. This polish is verrry sheer. But worth it! I think the next time I wear this I'll layer it over a similarly colored grey.

The glitters in this were a bit hard to work with, but the effect is nice. I love this polish, and with a little work or some layering it can be amazing. It's a dove grey polish with silver hexes, white squares, black diamonds, white hexes, black and white bar glitter and holo squares. Plus the grey base has a very pretty shimmer in it, which looks holographic in the bottle shot below, but doesn't translate. Despite it's problems, I still love this polish and I would recommend it to any Doctor Who lover out there.

Next is Frogs Breath. This polish has a murky green base (a la Zoya Dree) with tiny black glitter, larger black hex glitters, black bar glitter, and black heart glitter (that I didn't even know was in there! l2R robyn). This is definitely more color accurate than the swatch on the etsy shop.

 I had some difficulty with this polish. I tried really hard to get more of the hexes out but didn't end up with too many on the nail. I love the polish without all that stuff though. It looks uneven because of the fishing. This polish would have been better if there were a greater amount of the different shapes so that it wouldn't be as difficult to get them on the nail, or if they were left out, because honestly I loved it with just the tiny glitters.

Words cannot describe how excited I was for Zero to join me in my home. I am not going to lie though....I'm disappointed. I wore this once before as a mani and it seriously lasted 4 days, and for me that is saying something because I can barely get a polish to last a day before I have serious tipwear. This polish has the same problem as Frogs breath there isnt enough of the extra stuff to get it on the nail properly. This polish has a white base with white hearts, stars, and bar glitter, black hexes, and red hearts. With tiny red glitters. Shown here over a glue basecoat that I added white acrylic paint to (applies a bit streaky, but I wear it under all my neons because it actually DRIES unlike regular white polish tends to do for me.) I still love this polish for the name and it's beautiful in the bottle. Just a bit of a PITA to get to look like what you want.

 Ah the star of the show. My new favorite glitter. Don't Blink. God it is so amazing. I mean look at that. and my pictures don't do it justice. That's how amazing it is. I'm going to copy what the etsy site says about this polish ". This polish is loaded with pink, purple, and teal squares in different sizes, small purple holographic squares, large and small iridescent hexes, blue and copper ultrafine holos" 2 coats over a black creme.

LOOK AT THE HOLO. *girly squeel*

LynBDesigns can be bought Here and she is currently running a $5 sale! Thats how I bought these!

I love these, despite their problems, I want to buy more of her polishes!! What I love about the bottle is the labels have cute little pictures that correlate with the collection the polish comes from. The two that reference Nightmare before Christmas (Zero and Frogs Breath) have a photo from NBC and The two Doctor Who polishes (Dont Blink and Weeping Angels) have a tardis on them!

Do you own any polishes from LynBDesigns?

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