Sunday, December 2, 2012

31dnac Day 2: Orangaments!

Hello! I'm still sad about the nails, but I managed to save today's nails! I took these pics yesterday when I was still sad, but they turned out ok...ish... I love these nails in real life. I was trying to figure out how to make orange nails christmas-y, and I google image searched and came up with a vector of an ornament which I found here. I can't show you an actual picture without buying the stock, but if you click you can see the picture.So this is inspired by an oranament! an Orangament! lol.

Tiny Note: These are on false nails...see this post to read more about it.

Aren't they cute?! Starting from the lightest color, I sponged the ever infamous Fingerpaints Lemon Sour in the corner, then I used Essie Fear or Desire to start the gradient, working in a semi circle around the corner of the nail. After that I used Essie Orange, it's obvious! using the same technique and ending with OPI Chop-sticking to My Story. At the end I had a perfect gradient on my sponge lol. If you want I can try and do a tutorial. Let me know in the comments!

 For the stars I used Milani White on the Spot and BM 14 to stamp stars repeatedly all over the nail. I think this mani would look great in any color! Blue or purple would be really pretty! OOH Lavender with black?!?! *wheels are turning*

To make this more Christmas-y you could do a green gradient with gold stars, or if you have many shades of red (which I do) that would also be pretty with either gold or silver stars.

What do you think? My yellow nails got completely destroyed, but I have a plan for tomorrow. I'll see you then!! Also, I'm going to start posting not blog-worthy pics of things on my facebook page  and I really want to start interacting with my readers more. So feel free to post pics of your manis or tweet me!

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