Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things you think of when re-organizing your stash

Hello friends, My fiance and I did a massive cleaning of our kitchen last night and my polish happens to be in there. I wanted to share some of the things I kept thinking while I was organizing. Side note: I had to nix the nail art drawer to make room for more

Where the hell do I put:
                                   Neon Yellow
                                   CG Dress me's not pink...its not a neutral...aggghhh

Why do I have so many CG Greens? (I have 13) I don't even wear green!!

What brand do I put here? Do I leave room to expand? No! I'm not buying any more polish *gets on the internet to look at more polish)

Did I seriously just put purple in front of blue?

I don't have any dark blue china glazes...

Does teal go with green or blue?

Crap, I organized all my essies and I just found 16 more...I thought I was missing some.

Why won't juleps stand upright?!?!

I think I have five more of these coming in the mail...

When did I buy that?

Why are my Deborah Lippman's next to my Wet N Wilds?

God I need to have a blog sale...

I want to paint my nails with this color!!!

poor CND Guava is all alone...(I only have 1 CND)

Do I keep all my minis together? Or do I separate them by brand?

I need more essenses...why are all the good ones made in a different county?!?!

Ugh...why did I even buy crackles?

Ugh...Why did I even buy magnetics?

I wonder what the textured nail polish will look like....

I want to put on this glitter...but I didn't use a glue base I want to deal with the hassle of removing it?

God! I need to have a blog sale!!!

Do you have any thing to add? What do you always say when reorganizing?
 and to add a picture just for is a random photo!


  1. I think the only one you forgot was, "hey, this new polish I bought looks just like these four other ones I have".

    1. Lol. I make a very conscious effort not to do that...and I manage pretty well!


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