Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest Post! Melissa!

Another Guest post for you lovelies!!! Today is Melissa from Melmyissta! 

My obsession with all things nail and polish started in January 2011, by discovery on YouTube of meliny using konad. So it was not a polish infatuation that started it all, but nail art stamping that I wanted to replicate.

The online shopping started:
From [] a selection of special polishes and accessory implements.
From [] the first series bulk set of stamping plates.

The stamping plate set arrived quickly at my doorstep, but I waited a little longer for the polishes and stamper, to be able to begin my creative nail art.

The cheapest nail polish I could get was from the brand Ulta3 at $2 each and in a fantastic array of colours.
At the time the newest season polishes on display all had the word "Fever" in their name.

My favourites were Twilight fever and Gold rush fever.
Then of course I looked online, at vogue forums [], where the reviews and opinions about all the colours in the Fever collection detailed their shimmers and prettiness in the sun.

And that Twilight fever was a dupe for an expensive ($2  vs. $30) Chanel polish. Before this, I had no idea was a dupe was. We as polish collectors use quite a bit of jargon I think..

Of course I went back to the shop to get them all.
  • Blossom fever
  • Gold rush fever
  • Midnight fever
  • Pacific fever
  • Royal fever
  • Twilight fever


The polish I have continued to pull out and wear the most would be Twilight fever. I also regularly use Midnight fever as a dark base to layer polish. And an extra bottle of Gold rush fever I have thickened up so that I have a gold stamping polish for $2.

So there you go, its not just 1 lonely polish, but an all consuming hoard of colours and nail stamping art that I wanted to take part in.

Thanks to Robyn, for letting me guest post on you blog..

My blog is at melmyissta []

Thank you Melissa!!! I was so excited when my first stamping set came in. Mine was the bundle monster second set. I loved it so much.

Don't forget to send in your posts to this series!!

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