Friday, August 24, 2012

Guest Post: Mommy Does Her Nails!

Continuing on with my series of Guest posts is Candice from Mommy Does Her Nails

Hey all - it's Mommy Does Her Nails with a story based on real-life events. That moment I became addicted to nail polish. Where it all began. 

The polish that started it all was actually a trio of polishes. You may or may not (depending on how new to the nail polish community you are) know about how generous Zoya's promos can be. Well they used to be even more amazing. 

I began my journey as a deal junkie. I surfed the web tirelessly for every good deal I could get my hands on. Relevant or not I bought stuff due to discounts and coupons. So when a friend saw the buy three polishes and only pay shipping she sent it my way. At the time I had my nails bitten down to bare nubbins and cuticles torns to shreds and often times bleeding. Painting nails just wasn't something I did.  Yet I went ahead and ordered three polishes that were in colors I thought I might like (I didn't even know about Googling swatches!) Trixie, Irene, and Gabrielle were on their way to me in a sea of other packages and mail containing deals. Probably to be looked at once and then lost in the cabinet of samples. 

But let me tell you. When that package from Zoya arrived and I pulled the glittering and gorgeous polishes from their box I was in total awe. It changed the way I looked at nail polish. There was also a spoon insert showing off the upcoming Spring release. I instantly painted my nails and began to prowl Zoya. You know. Just in case. Then my friend discovered Polishaholicas Anonymous. We joined and the barage of color combinations, polish brands, and upcoming release information sucked us in. Hook. Line. Sinker. We were total gonners. 

This was the beginning of 2011 and the sheer increase in creativity and tecniques has blown me away. It was a great year to begin as a blogger.

 Top to bottom: Zoya Trixie, Irene, and Gabrielle
 L-R: Gabrielle, Irene, Trixie
L-R: Trixie, Irene, Gabrielle
I seriously fan-girl squee-d at Gabrielle! I'm a sucker for an orange, and I may have to get it now. I don't think these posts are going to be good for my wallet! 

Once again, thank you to Candice and to all those who have agreed to send me posts. I'm going to make a new page up at the top for the contact info for this series because I would like to make this an on-going thing. Not every day like now, but once I get my new camera I'd like to do it at least once a week.


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