Friday, September 21, 2012

NPR: This weeks favorites!!!

Today I would like to do something different. I got this idea from one of the things I am about to link you to, but I think I am going to make this a weekly thing. I am going to share 5 things that I am loving this week. Not necessarily polish related, but whatever I choose!!! Anyhway, here are my favorites!!!!

In no particular order

1) -- A great blogger who talks about her struggles with anxiety and depression. I'm feeling that right now...

2)The Flog-- Where I got the idea for this post. A youtube playlist channel-y dodad hosted by my girl crush Felicia Day (The Guild, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and one of the bring it on movies, also I believe she was on eureka for a bit. Not sure...). She's adorable and funny and a gamer. Love her. Want to be her. In a non creepy way.

3) Sinful Colors In the mist-- No swatch because of lack of camera. But its a dupe for OPI Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine! Its Beautiful.

4) Sweatpants--If you follow me on my Twitter you may recall the tweet where I said "You couldn't get me out of these sweatpants if you paid me" Pretty much how I feel. I'm trying to find brown or khaki sweatpants that I can wear to work. Might have something to do with my depression...

5)"Scuse me while I kill this guy"--Great book. I actually read it a while back when it was free on my kindle (bonus jonus #6 favorite, free books on the kindle fire) and it's hilarious. I want to read the rest of the story.

What are some things that you are loving this week? Do you think I should keep doing this? If so, can someone make me a fun graphic? lol.

P.S. I should be getting my new camera sometime in the next week or so.

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