Thursday, May 31, 2012

Color Obsession

Hi Guys! I literally just spent the last 2 hours attempting to film a video for youtube, aaaaand it was a massive fail. Firstly I do not have a decent camera or camcorder and so I used my Ipod...ha! Well, partway through my rantings on about the colors orange, coral, and teal, my ipod yells at me and says "NO MORE SPACE YOU NITWIT" and runs away. Ok, it doesn't do that...but I did run out of space. Soo. No video to post here, but I will talk to you about the colors orange, coral, and teal. Maybe I'll post some crappy cell phone pics.

Most people have lemmings for specific polishes. I do, but not as extreme as my lemmings for specific finishes or colors. In december, I was on the hunt for a basic purple with no shimmer. Did you know that color is particularly hard to find? I finally got it for christmas in one of those cheesy gift sets that I believe one would purchase at kohl's.
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The set I got did not have the orange, but instead had a glitter, and the blue I received was more like China Glaze aqua baby. Anyway, back to the point. Have I used said purple? No. Maybe once. Underneath Milani Hi-res or HD....the purple holo, to make it darker.

In January, I was obsessed with finding the perfect baby pink (which I still haven't found, I might just break down and buy Essie Van D'go, despite it's claim and everyone's reviews of it being peach).

Then I started buying all these corals...and found my lover, OPI I eat mainely lobster
Then, madness came. I have literally bought every single orange or teal color that has come out in the collections this year.
I won't go through them all, if you want to see what I have you can go through my stash list, or ask me in the comments! But my favorite oranges that I have found this year are:
 Orange, it's Obvious! from Spring 2012
 Fear or Desire? from Bikini so Teeny collection
 Action from Poppy-razzi collection
Riveting from Capitol Colors

and my favorite teals:

Wednesday from Beach and Surf
 OPI Thanks a Windmillion
Zuza from Beach and Surf
Also from amazon.

Other teals I love: OPI Mermaid's tears, fingerpaints chocomint and essie turquoise and caicos, to name a few.

Yay for press bottle shots!!! yay!! 
Does anyone else have these color obsessions?


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